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What is the New Covenant in the Bible?

Most Christians believe that the new covenant is fundamentally different from the old covenant and that they no longer have to obey God’s Commandments. But in fact, God’s demands on people have not changed. Sin is still an abomination to God, which results in death. The only thing that has changed with the new covenant is the way in which we receive it. While Moses speaks of discipline and punishment, the New Testament is all about the Holy Spirit and forgiveness. With the New Covenant, God approaches the people by forgiving their past sins and giving them a spirit that helps them to keep his commandments.

Thus, the widespread assumption that the new covenant suspended God’s Commandments and are therefore no longer binding is not valid. In the Bible are several statements about the new covenant that clearly refute these theories. One of them is:

In the following text I will explain in detail what the New Covenant is all about based on biblical scripture.

In the Old Covenant, people had to be disciplined and punished to keep God’s Commandments

The Old Testament reports that in the time of Moses (i.e. in the Old Covenant), people should be stoned if they had transgressed the law. The stoning served primarily as a deterrent so that no one would break God’s covenant. It should also ensure that God’s chosen people remain clean from sin. The sentence “You shall put evil away from among you” can be found several times in the Old Testament of the Bible (cf. Deuteronomy 13: 6, 17: 7, 19:19, 21:21, 22:21, 22:24).

So God had to force the Israelites to keep the Old Covenant because many of them refused to keep them on their own. But in spite of all the hardship, most of the Hebrews sinned so badly against God, that God ultimately wanted almost none of them to enter into the promised land. Only their children and those who were of a DIFFERENT SPIRIT were allowed to enter the promised land.

In the New Covenant, people WILLINGLY keep God’s Commandments

With the coming of Jesus we no longer keep the commandments of God through discipline, but with the help of the Holy Spirit. Whoever truly confesses to God, that he accepts Jesus and follows his example, receives the spirit of God and thereby becomes a new creature. The commandments of God are written in such a person’s heart and he obeys them of his own free will. In that way Jesus fulfilled the prophecies about the new covenant that are written in the Bible. Paul says:

People who live in the New Covenant can be recognized by the fact that they OBEY God’s Commandments

So the new covenant consists of God granting us the grace to be his children. If God writes his commandments in our hearts through the new covenant, it is also natural that we obey them. It is absolutely inconceivable for God’s children not to obey His commandments.

A person who is truly born again and thus lives in the New Covenant can be recognized by the fact that he obeys God’s Commandments and acts according to His will; So basically he behaves the same way Jesus did. Jesus is the firstborn among God’s children and we are called to follow him.  There is clearly a reason why it is written several times in the Bible that we are destined to become conformed to his image.

Through the blood of Jesus our sins are forgiven

Many people do not understand what it means when Jesus tells us to drink his blood and eat his flesh. This is the New Covenant because Jesus is speaking of his spirit, the spirit of God that dwells in him. The Bible says that the soul is in the blood of a person (compare Genesis 9: 4). Therefore, we are to drink Jesus’ blood and eat his flesh so that we may kill the deeds of our flesh and sanctify our flesh with the Spirit of God.

Our sins can only be forgiven because Jesus sacrificed himself for the people. Since he has never sinned, his blood is perfectly pure, and only that pure blood can atone for all our sins. Whoever accepts Jesus and wants to follow him asks God for the forgiveness of his sins in Jesus name and thus receives the Spirit of God, which kills the old sinful flesh and makes us a new person.

God’s Grace HELPS us to keep His Commandments and to stop sinning

So God’s grace is not that God simply forgives us for all past and future sins. Rather, it is about becoming a new creature and living and acting accordingly in a holy manner. Those who are born again are far from sin and want nothing more than to live and please God with their actions. So God gives us his spirit, which enables us to stop sinning. Those who have truly received the Spirit of God are not looking for excuses to justify their sins. Such a person keeps God’s commandments because the Spirit of God who dwells in him virtually does not allow us to transgress.

The Bible even says that it is not difficult to keep God’s Commandments if you are born of God.

God’s Grace is NOT a justification to sin

So the real grace of God is in direct contradiction to what most Christians believe to be the the new covenant. Because many of them think that grace means that we can do whatever we want and still be saved. People simply rest on the assumption that God’s grace is infinite. But even this development was prophesied in the Bible.

God’s grace is by no means a permission to sin. Rather, it enables us to become holy.

For this reason Jesus said you should recognize them by their fruits. By fruits are meant the deeds of the people. Only those who keep God’s Commandments and act according to his will, produce good fruit.


Keeping God’s Commandments isn’t difficult if you really love Him. But the commandments are only principles. They are more or less the basics that God prescribes to the people. Eternal life and the entry into God’s kingdom are not obtained if you manage to keep the commandments, but if you are righteous. Anyone can reluctantly obey a commandment even if they would rather do something else. The New Covenant is about writing the righteousness in our hearts so that we become holy for God’s pleasure.

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