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Can Christians eat Pork according to the Bible?

Most Christians believe that the commandments in Leviticus 11 of the Bible are no longer valid, and thus, they can consume pork without any hesitation. However, the commandments were never abolished.

According to the Bible, pigs are unclean, and therefore Christians should not eat pork

The following Bible verses should serve as sufficient evidence that eating pork is prohibited according to the Bible. Pigs are cloven-hoofed but not cud-chewing animals which is making them unclean.

In Isaiah, God makes a clear statement that eating pork is reprehensible, and those who consume it will be swept away.

Jesus drives demons into unclean swine

Another interesting passage from the New Testament indicates that even with the arrival of Jesus, Christians are not allowed to eat pork.

This raises the question of why demons wanted to enter swine and why Jesus allowed the herd to plunge off the cliff. The answer is clear: unclean spirits feel most at home in unclean animals. As Jesus was a devout Jew and adhered to dietary laws, he granted the request to prevent anyone from consuming the pigs.

Studies show that pork is unhealthy

In addition to these points, there are numerous studies today that demonstrate the health risks associated with consuming pork. Many doctors even advise their sick patients to completely avoid pork to recover. Scientifically, it is established that pork is harmful to health. Pigs, among other things, are unable to sweat, allowing toxins to accumulate in their cells and organs, which people consume. Furthermore, pigs are omnivores and eat anything, similar to shrimp, which consume all the waste from the ocean floor. It is therefore evident why consuming these animals could harm our health.

Consuming pork is prevalent mainly in the West today. However, there are still countries and cultures where people consciously avoid pork, considering it inferior. The mass production and consumption of pork today are primarily due to its cost-effectiveness.

Pork is unhealthy:

Christians should not defile the temple of God

The fact that pork is unhealthy alone poses a problem. However, when examining the New Testament, it becomes apparent that consuming pork is objectionable for Christians for additional reasons. Namely, because we are the temple of God. The Bible states that we should not defile the temple of God and present ourselves as a holy sacrifice.

If Christians were to eat pork, this defilement would occur for several reasons. Firstly, the pig itself is an unclean animal, thereby defiling our bodies. Secondly, the intentional act of consuming something so unhealthy is a sin against one’s own body. And we know that anyone who knowingly does something wrong against their own conscience is committing a sin.

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  1. I can agree that COMMERCIALIZED pork is unhealthy, but if you were to raise your on pork then its totally understandable because studies show that Pigs are cleaner then Dogs. Hard to believe right? Its just the manner of how they are raised. Paul said that we can eat Pork: For EVERY CREATURE of God is good, and NOTHING to be REFUSED, if it be received with thanksgiving: For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.~ 1 Timothy 4:4-6. Your being a Hebrew roots Jason. Please consider this. This is out of love not debate or hate

    1. Pork is not sanctified by the word of God. I am not a Hebrew Roots. I am a Jew and my roots are mostly Hebrew (because Jews have a small percent of converts from Egypt and from Purim and a few others). The revelation of John confirms abominable things will not be allowed in god’s kingdom,,

  2. Isaiah 66:17 was in application towards the Israelites at the time. The verse does not apply to us. Just as Isaiah 64:6 does not apply to NT Israelites either, for our righteousness is NOT as filthy rags. Originally God ALL animals as food (Genesis 9:3). If we wish to apply to apply this to the New Covenant, then we would have to apply excluding illegitimate children from the kingdom too (Deuteronomy 23:2). The dietary laws were limited to Israel during those 1,500 years. Pork is described as an „abomination to YOU“ (limited to the blood Israelites at the time), while eternal laws such as the prohibition of crossdressing are described as an „abomination unto the LORD thy God“. Great difference

    1. Not everyone agrees Genesis 9:3 is translated/iunterpreted correctly. Noah knew what clean and unclean animals were. Genesis 7:2
      The practice of raising unclean animals for food is responsible for most of the 5 million deaths a year caused by respiratory disease. Not a very loving practice to support or make excuses for to justify ourselves.

  3. On this topic you are incorrect

    The law to make you righteous through your own efforts is dead from when JESUS was resurrected
    your topic sounds like an unsaved muslim or jew wrote this

    you are so good with other topics but this one is wrong

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